“Chris is an exceptional instructor with an incredible passion for both his craft and his students. He always seeks to give students a well-rounded education in the performing arts while also instilling a need for a work ethic that will prepare them for the outside world. Chris works well with all age groups and has a desire to see each of his students succeed in the arts. I have single handedly seem him inspire his students and have no doubt that he will continue to do so in his career path as a performing arts educator. Having had Chris as an educator at the institution I work at, I will continue to offer him work, as he is a huge asset to any school he has the chance to teach at.”

Tayler Green, AMDA National Director of Extension Programs

"[He] helped open my eyes to a lot of things I’d been putting off confronting — both in the performing arts, and in life — and I really enjoyed the learning experiences [he] provided."

Student, AMDA Gap Program

​"Chris has become very good at developing and maintaining incredible relationships with his students. He is able to create an environment of high expectations, but with appropriate supports that make the students feel safe to take risks and welcome in his classroom at all times."

Krystal Murtagh, Jill Chaifetz Transfer School

"I found [his] scaffolding tableau work and musical theatre repertoire to be especially impressive, as he continuously searched for (and found) ways to keep students both engaged and challenged. He strived for actor-centered learning but was always eager to help our students, encouraging them to dig deeper in their process and training as individuals."

Arbender Robinson, Adjunct Professor, New York Film Academy

​"Mr. Giordano's background in curriculum, instructional practices, and using art to educate will be a great asset to any program or position."

Marguerite Mitchell, Redhouse Arts Center Director of Education

​"The work Chris did was astounding and professional, and left our students with a sense of confidence, pride, and accomplishment when our production was completed."

Jerome Schoolar​, Academy Director at TexARTS

"His passion for theatre and for teaching is evident in all of the lesson plans that he modeled during any class with confidence. He works well under pressure and was always quick on his feet to adjust lessons to appropriately fit the needs of the classroom."

Sobha Kavanakudiyil, Head of Educational Theatre at City College

​"Chris brought with him a solid training in pedagogical methods and musical theater, along with great energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude."

Lisa Angel​, Arts Liaison, P.S. 97 Brooklyn

"Chris’s strength as a professional is his continual reflection. He is truly committed to providing the very best learning experience for our students."

Laura Cascioli, Todd Elementry School

​"With each visit to P.S. 172, Chris was mature, professional, responsible, and a dependable teacher for our students. He truly did an amazing job of budgeting his time to create a quality musical which my students loved performing."

Emily Todras, P.S. 197 Brooklyn Arts Liaison