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Mr. Giordano is the Drama and Theatre Director at Great Neck North High School in Long Island, NY. With twelve years of experience in the theatre industry, Chris has honed his craft through diverse teaching roles at renowned institutions including AMDA College and Conservatory, Inside Broadway, 92nd Street Y, Brooklyn Acting Lab, Play Group Theatre, and Camp Broadway, among others.​ He's passionate about nurturing talent and fostering creativity in students ranging from Kindergarten to college conservatory. His comprehensive curriculum includes musical theatre, improv, audition technique, acting, scene study, monologues, and the business of acting. Under his direction, students have brought over twenty-five educational theatre productions to life, showcasing their growth and skill.​ He holds an M.S.Ed. in Educational Theatre and NY teaching certification from The City College of New York. He also earned a BFA in Musical Theatre, a BA in Theatre Arts Directing, and a Dance minor from Pace University. His extensive background and dedication to the arts make him a dynamic and inspiring educator in the field of theatre.​


Outside the classroom, I am always driven by curiosity, constantly asking questions and seeking to understand more. This curiosity fuels my teaching, enabling me to engage my students in respectful, fun, and intellectually stimulating dialogues. I am attuned to their needs and strive to answer their questions thoughtfully, while relentlessly training them to hone their skills of inquiry. For me, theatre and teaching are all about asking the right questions.

Recent Teaching Successes...


In school Improv residency at Jill Chaifetz Transfer School in Bronx, NY.

I celebrate and embrace every student's individuality, using this understanding to develop shared goals and personalize my lesson plans to their unique strengths. I believe in a balanced approach, combining consistent curriculum-based learning with personalized lesson planning. I am adept at tailoring my pedagogy to suit both the student and the situation, while adhering to the protocols established by academic institutions.


Being a teacher does not mean I stop being a student. Reflection is a key part of my pedagogy, both during and after lessons. I strive for a student-centered approach, emphasizing theatre skills and techniques in all theatre arts content. My professional experience allows me to keep students highly engaged, treating them as young professionals in the field. Through skill-building assessments, observations, and feedback, I ensure that all my students feel like valued contributors.

I am passionate about creating an inclusive environment where LGBTQA+ and BIPOC students can freely express themselves through their artistry. My goal is for all students to feel proud of their work, whether it be a process, production, or culminating project.

Ultimately, I want my students to feel a sense of accomplishment and become lifelong advocates for the love of theatre.


Production Photo from
The Pajama Game

Fall 2023, he directed Great Neck North High's production of The Pajama Game. Bringing alive the golden age musical, the show received praise from parents and school administrators.

"[Mr. Giordano] helped open my eyes to a lot of things I’d been putting off confronting — both in the performing arts and in life — and I really enjoyed the learning experiences [he] provided."
 - Student, AMDA's Gap Progam

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Chris was the Lead Acting Teacher for AMDA's Gap Program. He created and facilitated a brand new curriculum for college-aged students seeking a well-round introduction to all aspects of theatre.

Chris with a student in his Scene Study class at AMDA.


“Chris is an exceptional instructor with an incredible passion for both his craft and his students. He always seeks to give students a well-rounded education in the performing arts while also instilling a need for a work ethic that will prepare them for the outside world. He has a desire to see each of his students succeed in the arts. I have single-handedly seen him inspire his students. I will continue to offer him work, as he is a huge asset to any school he has the chance to teach at.”

Tayler Green, AMDA National Director of Extension Programs

​"Chris brought with him a solid training in pedagogical methods and musical theater, along with great energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude."

Lisa Angel​, Arts Liaison, P.S. 97 Brooklyn

"I found [his] scaffolding tableau work and musical theatre repertoire to be especially impressive, as he continuously searched for (and found) ways to keep students both engaged and challenged. He strived for actor-centered learning but was always eager to help our students, encouraging them to dig deeper in their process and training as individuals."

Arbender Robinson, Adjunct Professor, New York Film Academy

​"With each visit to P.S. 172, Chris was mature, professional, responsible, and a dependable teacher for our students. He truly did an amazing job of budgeting his time to create a quality musical which my students loved performing."

Emily Todras, P.S. 197 Brooklyn Arts Liaison

"His passion for theatre and for teaching is evident in all of the lesson plans that he modeled during any class with confidence. He works well under pressure and was always quick on his feet to adjust lessons to appropriately fit the needs of the classroom."

Sobha Kavanakudiyil, Head of Educational Theatre at City College

​"Chris has become very good at developing and maintaining incredible relationships with his students. He is able to create an environment of high expectations, but with appropriate supports that make the students feel safe to take risks and welcome in his classroom at all times."

Krystal Murtagh, Jill Chaifetz Transfer School

"Chris’s strength as a professional is his continual reflection. He is truly committed to providing the very best learning experience for our students."

Laura Cascioli, Todd Elementry School

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